About SounsCheck

The SounsCheck is an extension that is applicable for any age; however, discretion is expected if considering learners younger than four years of age. While little people may have the knowledge, their little fingers cannot always hit their intended target on a computer screen. Self-confidence is the foundation of any learner, and must be protected.

After reminding the learner that this "game" is about letter sounds ONLY, the teacher invites the learner to say /o/ and then asks the learner to touch/click /o/. As the child touches/clicks, the letter he or she chooses will appear in the large square. Continue with /m/, /s/, /t/, etc.

If you are using this tool (rather than the actual Souns letters) for evaluation, spontaneous, confident, letter-sound associations are the only answers that should be recorded. Keep this activity simple and emotionally safe. When you see discomfort, stop! You will have learned what you need to know as a teacher.

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